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Traditional Rug Scottsdale


Add style and beauty to your home near Scottsdale, AZ, with a traditional rug from Rug Treasures. A traditional rug can provide all-around comfort and beauty to your Scottsdale home. Most often, a traditional rug design is made from the exact same pattern used for generation after generation. We offer Scottsdale a selection for you to choose from when it comes to a traditional rug for either a formal or casual setting in your home.

A sample of the styles of traditional rugs that we have for you to choose from at our Scottsdale shop, include:

  • Floral traditional rug
  • Intricate pattern traditional rug
  • Border detailed traditional rug
  • Central medallions traditional rug

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Traditional Rugs Scottsdale


One of the many varieties of rugs that we have for the Scottsdale region to choose from is our traditional rugs. Traditional rugs are often the preferred type of rug throughout Scottsdale because of their timeless look and general aesthetic that they have. Traditional rugs often consist of a Persian classical design that is recognized by its borders, patterns and beautiful vibrant colors.

Whether you want to view our selection of traditional rugs for an area rug or runner, our experts at our Scottsdale shop will be ready to help you. We have so many traditional rugs to offer Scottsdale like:

  • Persian traditional rugs
  • Luxury traditional rugs
  • Oriental traditional rugs
  • Silk traditional rugs
  • Wool traditional rugs

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Persian Rug Scottsdale


A Persian rug for your Scottsdale home can be versatile in design, function and the color it adds to any space you use it in. Although a Persian rug can be extravagant and expensive, it is a style of rug that we have for Scottsdale clients that is practical and extremely durable.

There is a variety of reasons why using a Persian rug to decorate your Scottsdale home with is worth the investment that you make. Each Persian rug we have at our Scottsdale location is a work of art that only increases in value over time. Each designer, weaver and location of Persian rug has beautiful, distinguishing features. We offer Scottsdale:

  • Antique Persian rug
  • Persian rug runner
  • Area Persian rug
  • Vintage Persian rug

We have so many varieties of a Persian rug for you to choose from at Rug Treasures. Call our Scottsdale shop today to find the perfect Persian rug for your home.

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