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Dateland Traditional Rug


Have you been searching for a traditional rug in the Dateland, AZ, area but to no avail? Worry not, for at Rug Treasures, we have one of the best, most exquisite Dateland traditional rug collections you have ever seen.

A Dateland traditional rug is also known as a classic rug, and it is a style that emerged in Europe as a mix of Greco-Roman design. Dateland traditional rug designs often lay emphasis on harmony, balance, symmetry and order.

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Dateland Traditional Rugs


Our Dateland traditional rugs come in wool and silk, they are hand knotted and tufted, and the designs are absolutely antique. The rustic nature of Dateland traditional rugs adds warmth and earthiness to your home or office space.

You can go for a Bohemian design or a Navajo tribal fringe; one can never go wrong with Dateland traditional rugs.

The intricate patterns in which Dateland traditional rugs are woven provide a feeling a comfort. Need inspiration for your interiors? Adding a runner or an area rug that is traditional in design can add that extra oomph to a casual or a formal setting. Need help picking the right rug for your space?

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Dateland Persian Rug


The art of designing and creating a Dateland Persian rug may date back centuries, but our in-house collection keeps in line with the newest trends of artistic details. The ageless appeal of a Dateland Persian rug adds a touch of nostalgia to your home or office space with its exquisite beauty.

Every Dateland Persian rug we offer tells a fascinating tale. The passion of their creators is evident in our Dateland Persian rug collections. And what is more, these rugs can last a lifetime so that you can pass it from generation to generation.

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