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Southwestern Rugs North Scottsdale


Are you considering adding Southwestern rugs to your North Scottsdale, AZ home? Are you browsing around looking for stores in the region that offer Southwestern rustic rugs? If so, then your search has brought you to the right place!

Founded in 1990, Rug Treasures carries one of the biggest collections of imported fine rugs in this area. Among the many products offered by us are North Scottsdale Southwestern rugs. You can get Southwestern area rugs as well as accent rugs with us.

North Scottsdale Southwestern rugs enhance the interior decor by adding the unique charm of Native American essence to it. With their evergreen designs and timeless appeal, North Scottsdale Southwestern rugs make for a wonderful investment.

Visit us today to explore our inventory of:

  • •Southwestern style rugs
  • Aztec rugs
  • Southwest rugs
  • Southwest pattern rugs
  • Southwest design rugs

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Rustic Rugs North Scottsdale


Our objective in maintaining a large selection of North Scottsdale rustic rugs is to cater successfully to the diverse personal inclinations, decor specifications, space constraints and budgets of our customers.

Count on us to offer you a wide variety in patterns, motifs and colors of North Scottsdale rustic rugs. There is also the option of thick pile and flat weave rustic Southwestern rugs. And, we offer North Scottsdale rustic rugs made of all types of dyed wool and cotton.

You can get North Scottsdale rustic rugs in several sizes, from 2x3 to mansion size. Come and shop with us for:

  • Rustic hearth rugs
  • Rustic area rugs for living room
  • Rustic kitchen rugs
  • Farmhouse style bathroom rugs
  • Rustic runner rugs

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Accent Rugs North Scottsdale


We offer North Scottsdale accent rugs that are smaller than area rugs, but not as long as runner rugs. These accent rugs that we have are also known as throw rugs or scatter rugs. We are committed to ensuring years of highly satisfying use of North Scottsdale accent rugs for our patrons. The North Scottsdale accent rugs available with us are perfect finishing pieces in the kitchen, bathroom, children’s bedroom and many other places in your home.

Those who come to us for North Scottsdale accent rugs are assured of top-grade products from premier manufacturers. Keep your floors looking fashionable with our accent rugs.

Being direct importers, we are able to offer competitive prices on our North Scottsdale accent rugs. Contact us to learn more about our:

  • •Classic styling accent rug
  • Washable throw rug
  • Interior accent rugs
  • Outdoor accent rugs

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