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Southwestern Rug Scottsdale


A Southwestern rug is the perfect touch for any room in your Scottsdale, AZ home. Come to Rug Treasures for one of the best selections of accents rugs, like a Southwestern rug, near Scottsdale. Come to our Scottsdale location to find the perfect Southwestern rug to add a western touch to your living space. We have a wide selection of Southwestern rug designs that are guaranteed to add style to your home near Scottsdale.

Some of the designs and choices we have when it comes to our Southwestern rug collection for Scottsdale clients, includes:

  • Turquoise Southwestern rug
  • Wool Southwestern rug
  • Modern Southwestern rug
  • Colorful Southwestern rug
  • Neutral Southwestern rug

When you are searching for a high quality and timeless Southwestern rug for your home near Scottsdale, call Rug Treasures to get started.

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Rustic Rugs Scottsdale


We offer Scottsdale a wide collection of rustic rugs in many colors, sizes and designs. When you view our rustic rugs near Scottsdale, you can add a rustic touch to your kitchen, living room or bathroom. Our rustic rugs are perfect for outfitting your home, lodge or ranch near the Scottsdale community.

These quality rustic rugs will add warmth and elegance to your rustic home. Rustic rugs can make all the difference between an average interior design and an impressive home showcase. We offer Scottsdale the perfect selection of rustic rugs that will give your home that finishing touch that it needs.

Some of our selection of rustic rugs near Scottsdale, includes:

  • Accent rustic rugs
  • Rustic throw rugs
  • Runner rustic rugs
  • Bathroom rustic rugs
  • Round rustic rugs

To learn more about our selection of rustic rugs we have for the Scottsdale region, call Rug Treasures now.

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Accent Rugs Scottsdale


Are you in search for a rug for your Scottsdale home that is smaller than an area rug, but not as long as a runner? Consider the accent rugs that we have for the Scottsdale region. Accent rugs are great additions to spaces like a child’s room, kitchen, entryway or a smaller space.

We suggest when choosing accent rugs for your Scottsdale home that you find an accent rug that adds textures and colors that are similar to that of the room it is placed in. Accent rugs truly can bring the entire look of a room together for your home near Scottsdale.

Come to our Scottsdale location to discover accent rugs that will give your home a finishing touch. We’ve got the perfect accent rug for your floor decor like:

  • Bohemian accent rugs
  • Modern accent rugs
  • Traditional accent rugs
  • Southwestern accent rugs
  • Contemporary accent rugs

For one of the best selections of accent rugs throughout Scottsdale, call Rug Treasures today.

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