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At Rug Treasures, we are a family owned rug store for Scottsdale, AZ. Our rug store has a strong bond with each and every client throughout Scottsdale. We truly believe that each rug we have at our Scottsdale rug store is a creation of art and that everyone deserves to enjoy in their Scottsdale home. Our rug store focuses on customer satisfaction and serving Scottsdale with the best selection, price and service of rugs.

Our Scottsdale rug store provides you the freedom to create the home you have always envisioned with our selection of rugs. We are proud to have the decades of service to Scottsdale with services like:

  • Rug store for rug repair
  • Rug store for rug cleaning
  • Rug store for rug restoration
  • Rug store for stain removal

Rug Treasures offers Scottsdale with high quality rugs and rug service at our rug store. Call our rug store today to let us know how we can meet your rug needs!

(480) 573-7027

Rug Stores Scottsdale


Bring joy and beauty into your Scottsdale home with the selection of rugs we have from one of the best rug stores nearby. We are not your typical rug stores that you often come across on. We make it our mission and focus to provide Scottsdale with the best quality of rugs and customer service that you could find amongst rug stores anywhere in the region.

Enjoy the stunning and timeless look of our rugs that can help transform any space throughout your home near Scottsdale. If your search queries include “rug stores near me”, then make our rug store your first stop. We have been assisting our Scottsdale clients for over 30 years with our knowledge and experience in all things related to rugs.

Come to us when you are looking for any of the following:

  • Hand knotted rug stores
  • Modern rug stores
  • Area rug stores
  • Southwestern rug stores
  • Imported rug stores

When you are searching for rug stores near Scottsdale, consider Rug Treasures as your number one choice and give us a call today.

(480) 573-7027

Imported Rugs Scottsdale


There is nothing quite like the beauty that imported rugs bring to any home throughout Scottsdale. Imported rugs can enhance the mood of any room in your home. Our large selection of imported rugs from our Scottsdale rug store can be the focal point or finishing touch that your home needs.

With our 30 years of experience of our Scottsdale rug store, our choices of imported rugs are constantly changing to meet the current needs and design trends. Our imported rugs work beautifully in any home throughout Scottsdale and surrounding area.

Our imported rugs are of the finest detail and we ensure your satisfaction. We are eager to answer your questions about our:

  • Oriental imported rugs
  • Southwestern imported rugs
  • Handmade imported rugs
  • Persian imported rugs

For your questions about our imported rugs, call Rug Treasures near Scottsdale today.

(480) 573-7027

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“No other shop compares to Rug Treasures! This shop lives up to its name and is a Scottsdale jewel. We have been searching for the perfect rug and it’s not always easy for a 4 year old kid, but he had a blast just being allowed to play around. Edeal was nothing but a genuine and pleasant salesman. They are all VERY helpful and fun and we went back four times to keep seeing what was new or take a second look and vowed we would never buy a rug unless it was from Edeal. They let you take a rug home and try it in the room and see it in all lights. We bought a beautiful, elegant, modern silk rug for an amazing deal! DON’T BOTHER WITH ANY OTHER STORE!”

Lesia Crawford

“I can’t say enough about the customer service of this company. I had an issue with a rug that I purchased and they more than made it right. Absolute A+ in my book. I won’t buy a rug from anywhere else and, if I can help it, neither will anyone I know! Thanks again to Rug Treasures!”

Melissa Spiro

“Gorgeous Rugs, Great Prices, Amazing Service. I have tons of Restoration Hardware furniture, but I wasn’t crazy about the rugs or the prices so I bought a gorgeous hand knotted Persian rug from Adil. I wanted to surprise my husband who was coming home the next day so Adil not only gave me a wonderful price but he went above and beyond. He drove it over and installed himself. If I had ordered from Restoration Hardware I’d still be waiting for it. Five thumbs up!”

Ree Ward

“I took my Peking Chinese rug to Rug Treasures in Scottsdale to find out if he could clean and rebound it, and the cost. I have spoken with several rug dealers. Raj at Rug Treasures was the first to spend the time to inspect the rug. He knew everything about the rug, it’s province, how it was made, and was pleasant and happy to share this information with my son and I, unlike other dealers We had attempted to speak with. Unlike Raj, we were rushed out the door when I explained I could not afford to clean and have the rug rebound just yet. Raj advised me what needed done, gave a more than fair price, and even gave me a verbal appraisal. Without charging me. I was told by others to use a marker bed to cover the white background spots. Raj said he would match the colors using proper dyes and do each spot individually, the way Re rug was created. He properly folded and tied the rug and helped my son put it in the car. This man is not only knowledgeable but it is obviously he has a passion and love for his work. I would not hesitate to recommend Raj at Rug Treasures for all your oriental rug needs. In addition to working on rugs he has an amazing inventory of all manner oriental rugs.”

Beverly Bruno