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Yarnell Rug Repair


When you need rug repair services in Yarnell, AZ, and want only the most skilled hands doing the job, place a call to Rug Treasures! You could find yourself in need of the assistance of Yarnell rug repair specialists for several reasons.

Besides general wear and tear with age, the impact of a plumbing problem, pet activity, or moth infestation demands the attention of Yarnell rug repair and restoration experts.

Think of us whenever you need rug restoration or repair services. Our rug store not only supplies premium imported rugs, but also provides specialized rug service to help people enjoy their rugs for a long time to come.

Our expertise includes handling Yarnell rug repair service for making:

  • Fringe repair
  • Water damage repair
  • Stain and spot removal
  • Rip repair
  • Rug backing repair

Call Rug Treasures for the best Yarnell rug repair work!

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Yarnell Rug Service


Occasional Yarnell rug service by seasoned professionals is essential to preserve the floor covering. Neglecting proper Yarnell rug service to save a few dollars can spell trouble for the beauty and longevity of a much costlier investment – your rug!

The good news is that we are here to provide Yarnell rug service that combines quality with economy. Our technicians do top-class work with meticulous attention to detail while we charge competitive, affordable prices for the superior Yarnell rug service.

Do not take chances with your precious rug by going the DIY way or hiring just any local technician for jobs like:

  • Rug cleaning
  • Rug maintenance
  • Rug care
  • Rug wash

Call the experts at Rug Treasures for Yarnell rug service!

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Yarnell Rug Restoration


We love delivering Yarnell rug restoration services aimed at helping customers make the most of their investment in the rugs. We realize that some rugs are the cherished possession of their owners, who get upset to see their deterioration.

We perform every Yarnell rug restoration job with the utmost diligence, precision, and professionalism.

With our expert Yarnell rug restoration solutions, we strive to protect their asset and infuse new life into them. Our rug repair and restoration experts can work on fixing damage to rugs of all types, shapes, and sizes.

Our technicians work on restoring each rug as carefully as if it were their own.

People can hire our Yarnell rug restoration services for their:

  • Modern rugs
  • Traditional rugs
  • Contemporary rugs
  • Southwest rugs

Call Rug Treasures for Yarnell rug restoration services!

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