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Rug Repair Scottsdale


Whether your rug in your Scottsdale, AZ home has received pet damage, suffered a plumbing disaster or a moth infestation, Rug Treasures is here for you. We offer the Scottsdale region rug repair services. We have been trusted throughout Scottsdale for rug repair services when it comes to repairing and returning your treasured rugs to their former condition.

Like all well-loved items in many homes throughout Scottsdale, we know that rugs can wear down with time and require rug repair. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure our Scottsdale customers are completely satisfied with our rug repair services that we offer.

We can perform many types of rug repair services on damaged rugs, including torn rugs and water-damaged rugs. We offer Scottsdale with:

  • Reweaving rug repair
  • Alterations rug repair
  • Backing rug repair
  • Resizing rug repair
  • Fringe repair

Call Rug Treasures today when you are in need of rug repair near Scottsdale.

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Rug Service Scottsdale


It is necessary to have rug service done for your rugs near Scottsdale. Rug service helps keep your rugs maintained and enhances the value of it. We specialize in rug service that cleans and repairs your area rugs for your home near Scottsdale. From our selection of beautiful rugs to rug restoration, we provide rug service to the Scottsdale region to help you find the perfect rug and also to restore your current rugs in your home.

Some of the rug service options we provide to Scottsdale and it’s surrounding communities include:

  • Rug repair and rug restoration
  • Rug cleaning
  • Rip repairs
  • Rug stain and spot removal

To learn more about our rug service options we provide to the Scottsdale area, call Rug Treasures today.

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Rug Restoration Scottsdale


When you use our rug restoration services for your Scottsdale rugs, you retain the value of them. Our rug restoration can help brighten and often return the fibers of your rugs to be like new again.

We offer Scottsdale a range of rug restoration solutions. Our rug restoration team has seen it all throughout our years in business. We will restore your rug back to its original condition so that you can enjoy it for many years to come in your home near Scottsdale.

We offer the Scottsdale region with:

  • Fringe cleaning and rug restoration
  • Water damage rug restoration
  • Burn damage rug restoration
  • Moth damage rug restoration

For rug restoration for your home near Scottsdale, call Rug Treasures today.

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