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Rug Repair Peoria


Interior decor is incomplete without a good looking rug installed and rug repair done near Peoria, AZ. Rugs add beauty and elegance to interior decor through their elegant colors, textures and designs. But through heavy use and chronic withering, rugs can suffer damage necessitating our Peoria rug repair services.

Without our Peoria rug repair service, there is a high chance that your rug will suffer massive deterioration. Most people ignore the benefits of our Peoria rug repair service and spend a lot more money in the long run.

To ensure professional Peoria rug repair, you can totally rely on Rug Treasures. We offer you:

  • Traditional rug repair services
  • Oriental rug repair
  • Persian rug repair
  • Oriental rug fringe repair

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Rug Service Peoria


It is obvious that any kind of damage suffered by the rug will affect its overall appearance and beauty and require our Peoria rug service. In the long run, avoiding our Peoria rug service will make your rugs look worn out and dull.

It is highly advisable that you hire our professional Peoria rug service to restore the original beauty and elegance of your rug again. If you have torn rugs, chances are it will trap a lot of dirt and debris. This will promote germ growth without being attended to in time by our Peoria rug service specialists.

To avoid contamination of rugs, choose our highly reputable Peoria rug service. We provide:

  • Rug backing repair
  • Rug tear repair
  • Repair rug burn
  • Fix rug burn

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Rug Restoration Peoria


No one would like to spend hundreds of dollars on getting a new rug for their home just for the sake of simple damage suffered by the rug. In such cases, it makes a lot of sense to consider our Peoria rug restoration service. Our rug technicians can provide Peoria rug restoration to damage suffered by the rug through a service called rug patching.

Our Peoria rug restoration service is affordable and cheaper than getting a new rug as a replacement. Any amount of the damage suffered by the rug can be restored through rug patching if done in a proper way and by our Peoria rug restoration professionals. Our rug restoration team consists of staff who are well certified and trained rug technicians.

For affordable solutions for your damaged rug, opt for our Peoria rug restoration service. With us you get:

  • Antique rug restoration
  • Rug restoration specialists
  • Rug color restoration
  • Water damage rug restoration

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