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Tolleson Rug Pad


We, at Rug Treasures believe that a rug pad in the Tolleson, AZ area is as important as a large area rug. When you buy a Tolleson rug pad, you commit to prolonging the life of your large area rug. Not only that, investing in the right Tolleson rug pad will keep your area rug clean and free of dust and debris.

A rug pad prevents slips and falls, keeping your living area safe and secure. If you own small rugs and runners, a Tolleson rug pad will give them the much-needed non-slip grip without adding much thickness.

Rug pads are various sizes and made of different materials. Ask our professionals to help you choose from the following options:

  • Memory foam pads
  • Dual surface pads
  • Plastic rug mat
  • Rubber pads
  • Sound absorbing pads
  • Water proof pads

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Tolleson Rug Pads


Our Tolleson rug pads are designed to stick to the floor and the rug so that there is no shifting. This is important if your area rugs are placed on hard floors. The Tolleson rug pads we provide have bumps that trap dirt and debris to prevent them from sticking to your large area rug.

Another benefit of using Tolleson rug pads is that in case of a water spill, they prevent the wetness from reaching the floor or even the carpet underneath if any. Tolleson rug pads go by many names such as:

  • Protector mats
  • Rug padding
  • Rug gripper
  • Rug stopper
  • Rug underlay
  • Under rug mat

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Tolleson Anti Skid Pads


The importance of getting Tolleson anti skid pads for your area rugs simply cannot be underestimated. Thin area rugs tend to get bunched up together or shift due to movement. To prevent that, buying the right Tolleson anti skid pads is crucial.

Choose from a huge variety of Tolleson anti skid pads available with us in all shapes, sizes and materials. If you are a rug owner,

Tolleson anti skid pads are of various kinds and names. You could ask our experts on anti skid pads for one of these:

  • Anti slip underlay
  • Non slip pad for wooden floor
  • Anti slip rubber pad
  • Non slip stair pads
  • Non slip adhesive pads
  • Under rug non slip mat

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