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Rug Pad Scottsdale


Any area rug in a Scottsdale, AZ home will anchor the design of a room. We, at Rug Treasures recognize that your area rug needs a rug pad to anchor the rug itself. If you want to prolong the life of your rug for your Scottsdale home and protect your floors, invest in a rug pad today.

As you look for the right rug pad for your Scottsdale home, consider the thickness, sizes and materials that are what you need in a rug pad. Our experts at our Scottsdale shop will help you find the best rug pad from thick rug pads to anti skid pads.

Some of the many benefits Scottsdale clients will find from investing in a rug pad, includes:

  • Rug pad keeps rug stationary
  • Rug pad protects rug
  • Rug pad prevents wear
  • Rug pad provides cushioning

To learn more about the benefits of a rug pad for your rugs in your home near Scottsdale, call Rug Treasures now.

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Rug Pads Scottsdale


Rug pads are great when you want to prolong the life of your area rugs in your home near Scottsdale. Rug pads can also prevent damage to any floor you have them on. There is no question that rug pads are a great investment and excellent idea when it comes to preventing accidents and adding cushioning to make them more comfortable to walk on for Scottsdale homeowners.

Rug pads act as a buffer between your flooring and the rug placed over it. By having rug pads for your Scottsdale home’s rug, you can:

  • Prevent dye transfer with rug pads
  • Prevent marring with rug pads
  • Prevent staining with rug pads
  • Prevent scratching with rug pads

There is no question that rug pads are the way to go for Scottsdale homeowners with rugs. To find out which rug pads are the best options, call Rug Treasures today.

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Anti Skid Pads Scottsdale


We have the anti skid pads you are looking for near Scottsdale. Our anti skid pads are perfect for the rugs you have over hard-surface flooring in your home near Scottsdale. Our anti skid pads we have for the Scottsdale region help keep rugs in place to prevent bunching and shifting.

Scottsdale clients can come to us to view our large selection of anti skid pads in a wide variety of size and style options. Some of the options we have for you near Scottsdale for our anti skid pads includes:

  • Rectangle anti skid pads
  • Square anti skid pads
  • Oval anti skid pads
  • Round anti skid pads
  • Runner anti skid pads

Scottsdale rug owners who need anti skid pads for their home can call Rug Treasures today.

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