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Paradise Valley Rug Pad


Rug Treasures is the go-to store for purchasing a top-quality rug pad in Paradise Valley, AZ. A rug pad is a sticky buffer between your rug and floor, kind of like double-sided tape, but without the residue the tape would leave behind. A Paradise Valley rug pad provides a foundation for your rug, reduces wear and prevents holes and fraying around the edges.

There are many benefits to using a Paradise Valley rug pad, such as prolonging the life of your rug, protecting your floors from scratches and preventing slips and falls. We can help you find a suitable Paradise Valley rug pad that will help you reap all the functional and aesthetic benefits of the rugs.

We can provide you with several variants of a rug pad, including:

  • Natural rug pads
  • Rubber rug pads
  • Felt rug pads
  • Synthetic rug pads

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Paradise Valley Rug Pads


If you have kids or pets, water-resistant Paradise Valley rug pads would be a sound investment to ensure that juice spills and accidents do not seep through and stain your flooring. Paradise Valley rug pads will also absorb the impact of feet and noise, which will make your downstairs neighbors more than happy.

Choosing the right size for Paradise Valley rug pads is essential. Ideally, the rug pads should be slightly smaller than your rug. Our rug experts will recommend the appropriate Paradise Valley rug pads based on your rug type and size.

We can assist you with various inquiries associated with rug pads, such as:

  • Rug protection
  • Rug mat
  • Rug padding
  • Rug liner

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Paradise Valley Anti Skid Pads


Paradise Valley anti skid pads are the best way to avert the chances of someone slipping on a rug that is not holding on to the floor properly. The anti skid pads act as a grip and hold your rug in place to prevent sliding. In addition to being an added safety, Paradise Valley anti skid pads fix your area rug in place during vacuuming and moving furniture.

Investing in Paradise Valley anti skid pads would be suitable for both your mental and physical comfort. You can count on us to purchase affordable Paradise Valley anti skid pads that will effectively serve their purpose for a long time ahead.

We can help you fulfill many requirements for anti skid pads, including:

  • Anti-slip pad
  • Non-slip pads
  • Reversible rug pads
  • Non-stick rug pads

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