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Kierland Rug Pad


Among Rug Treasures finest selection of products, we offer exclusive rug pad protection in Kierland, AZ. A rug pad is a thin underlay placed below the rug to support and anchor it in the desired position. Protect your floor while extending the life of your rug with an effective Kierland rug pad. While a beautiful rug takes all the credit for grounding all the elements in a room, the rug pad humbly grounds the rug. A Kierland rug pad is a necessary accessory to keep your rug intact for a longer time.

A Kierland rug pad is also known by several other names, but they all have the same function including:

  • Rug gripper
  • Rug stopper
  • Rug padding
  • Rug liner

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Kierland Rug Pads


Our knowledgeable team will assess the most adequate Kierland rug pads depending on your floor. Rug pads are necessary even under beds and heavy furniture. The reason is that not only do Kierland rug pads keep your rugs firm on their spot, they also protect your floor from the natural wear and tear, spills, scuffs and scratches. Rug pads reinforce the protection provided by the rug, and even shield the floor from any marks that a rug may leave.

In addition, Kierland rug pads enhance the functionality of a rug by adding an extra layer of warmth, comfort and sound absorption.

We have a variety of Kierland rug pads to ensure you find the one that suits your requirements such as:

  • Pads for hardwood floors
  • Pads for vinyl flooring
  • Pads for laminate floors
  • Pads for tiles

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Kierland Anti Skid Pads


Kierland anti skid pads prevent rugs from sliding, thus eliminating tripping hazards. Improve the safety and acoustics of a room with quality Kierland anti skid pads. Lining the floor with anti skid pads reduces the impact of feet, which preserves the fibers and structure of your rug. The material, thickness and size of your Kierland anti skid pads depends on the type of rug and flooring.

Our expert team will guide you through selecting the ideal anti skid pads for optimal efficiency. Water resistant Kierland anti skid pads offer an additional benefit that makes the cleaning and maintenance of your rug, pads and flooring easier.

We offer sound advice when shopping for the most suitable anti skid pads including:

  • Felt pad
  • Area pad
  • Waterproof pad
  • Memory foam pad

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