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Ajo Rug Pad


Are you wondering why you should buy a rug pad for your Ajo, AZ home? An area rug can slip and slide around when stepped on. That is why you should consider investing in an Ajo rug pad.

A rug pad helps to keep an area rug in place. An Ajo rug pad is made using a slip-resistant material, and does an excellent job of preventing an area rug from slipping and sliding when stepped on.

If you are searching for an Ajo rug pad, Rug Treasures is the name to remember. We are a family owned and operated rug store that homeowners rely on for their Ajo rug pad needs.

We sell the following:

  • Under rug mat
  • Non slip rug pad
  • Rug underlay
  • Rug gripper

Choose the right rug pad for your area rugs. We offer a huge selection of rug pads and can help you buy the most suitable rug pad for your area rug size.

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Ajo Rug Pads


Do you need quality Ajo rug pads? We have you covered. Your rug is an investment. Ajo rug pads can make your rugs look their best while protecting the flooring and preventing slip and fall hazards.

They prevent the rough backside of a rug from damaging the flooring.

Visit us for:

  • Rug gripper pad
  • Rug stopper
  • 9X12 rug pad
  • Non skid pads

Ajo rug pads will not only protect the floors, but can also keep your rugs in pristine condition for many years to come. No matter what style or size of rug you own, Ajo rug pads are essential. Your search for one of the premium quality rug pads ends here.

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Ajo Anti Skid Pads


If you are buying a rug from us, then using Ajo anti skid pads will help ensure your new rug stays in its intended position. Ajo anti skid pads hold your rug securely in place so it does not shift or slide.

Anti skid pads ensure your rug not only makes the room look beautiful, but also helps prevent slips and falls that can seriously injure someone. Visit our store today to buy high-quality Ajo anti skid pads.

If your rug is placed in a high-traffic area such as the dining room, living room or entry area, you must not overlook the benefits of Ajo anti skid pads. We will help you choose and buy rug pads for both large and small rugs.

We sell:

  • Rug liner
  • Rug padding
  • Non slip rug mat
  • Non slip pads

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