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Modern Rugs Scottsdale


Add sophistication to any room in your Scottsdale, AZ home with our selection of modern rugs from Rug Treasures. Our modern rugs for Scottsdale have a splash of color and bold pattern to complete the exact look that you are going for. We have been offering the Scottsdale region with modern rugs for over 30 years and our trained staff is ready to answer any questions that you have.

We can assist you in deciding which of our modern rugs will be a perfect fit when considering the foot traffic of the room, children and pets and the material of the modern rug that you are looking for.

A sample of the types of designs of modern rugs that we offer the Scottsdale region, include:

  • Abstract modern rugs
  • Moroccan modern rugs
  • Trellis modern rugs
  • Bohemian modern rugs

We have the modern rugs that you are looking for near Scottsdale. Call Rug Treasures today to learn more about our selection of modern rugs.

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Modern Rug Scottsdale


Whether you need a modern rug for your entryway, family room or for a runner, you have come to the right place. We have a variety of styles and colors when it comes to finding the perfect modern rug for your Scottsdale home. By using a modern rug in the decor of your Scottsdale home, you can add softness and warmth to any room.

We have a modern rug just for you in a variety of shapes and sizes. From a traditional rectangular modern rug to a round modern rug, you can find just the right modern rug for your Scottsdale space. We have a stunning collection of modern rug designs and offer our expert advice when choosing your modern rug. A sample listing of the modern rugs we have are:

  • Black modern rug
  • Gray modern rug
  • Multi-color modern rug
  • Modern rug runner
  • Chevron modern rug
  • Striped modern rug

Get in touch with Rug Treasures today to begin your search for the perfect modern rug for your home near Scottsdale.

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Contemporary Rugs Scottsdale


Contemporary rugs can transform any room in your home near the Scottsdale region. We have stunning contemporary rugs in materials like wool, cotton shag and jute. Our contemporary rugs we have near Scottsdale are distinguished by the presence of the bold use of color and contrast, as well as a variety of geometric or free-form elements.

By adding contemporary rugs to your Scottsdale home, you can instantly elevate any room in your home with:

  • Living room contemporary rugs
  • Dining room contemporary rugs
  • Office space contemporary rugs
  • Entryway contemporary rugs
  • Bedroom contemporary rugs

If you want to view our selection of contemporary rugs we have for the Scottsdale region, call Rug Treasures today.

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