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Mesa Modern Rugs


Renovate any area in your home or business in Mesa, AZ with the unique modern rugs offered by Rug Treasures. Mesa modern rugs are natural and genuine, focused on simple form and function. For a modern interior setting, you should consider modern rugs with earthy tones or vibrant primary colors like red, blue or yellow. If you are unsure about which of our Mesa modern rugs best suits your room, our knowledgeable professionals are at your service to assist you.

Our team will provide sound advice regarding the best materials and colors for your Mesa modern rugs to fit the specifications and usability of the designated space.

Whether you need to dress a living area, bedroom or outdoor space, we have exclusive Mesa modern rugs for you such as:

  • Abstract rugs
  • Monochromatic rugs
  • Striped rugs
  • Bohemian rugs

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Mesa Modern Rug


There is a special Mesa modern rug in our store just for you, whether you need it for a hallway or a large area. From entryways to full office spaces, we have a Mesa modern rug solution in any shape and size. Add comfort, warmth and sophistication to your property with a quality Mesa modern rug that will resist time, foot traffic and pets. A modern rug always has a clear design purpose, anchoring furniture and bringing together all the elements in a room for a grounding effect.

If you already have a Mesa modern rug, but it is looking old, we offer the following services to restore its condition:

  • Modern rug appraisal
  • Modern rugs cleaning
  • Modern rug repair
  • Rug pads

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Mesa Contemporary Rugs


Our Mesa contemporary rugs follow the latest trends in color hues, materials and finishes. With our beautiful Mesa contemporary rugs, you will feel as though you are stepping onto a piece of art. While some contemporary rugs are intended as a neutral foundation or to highlight the architecture of the room, others are designed to be the focal point with bold textures and patterns. Overall, the value of our contemporary rugs cannot be overstated.

Mesa contemporary rugs absorb sounds, cushion footsteps and protect your floor while enhancing the style of the room.

Fall in love with our range of Mesa contemporary rugs in a variety of designs and material including:

  • Wool contemporary rugs
  • Jute contemporary rugs
  • Rayon contemporary rugs
  • Handmade contemporary rugs

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