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Large Area Rugs

When it comes to large rugs, we here at Rug Treasures take pride at having one of the largest selections of oversized and mansion size rugs. Most stores will simply stop carrying rugs later than 8x10, since that’s the most sought after size but for most of the big houses in Arizona, in order to accommodate the large rooms, dining tables seating 8 and more, large living rooms and bedrooms, 8x10 rugs are simply too small.

We carry over 500 pieces of different types of large area rugs. Our oversized rug selection includes rugs from India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran. They come in many different colors to match with most decors; we also have them in many different styles including modern, transitional, southwest, traditional and floral. We also have flat woven large rugs. If you are looking for a rug larger than 8x10 and you have been having difficulties finding one you are in the right place, we are sure that we have what you are looking for! So come and visit us at 13802 N Scottsdale Rd and see our handpicked selection of some of the most beautiful large rugs. Call us at (480) 573-7027 for any questions or if you need directions to our Scottsdale showroom.

Scottsdale Area Rug


An area rug in your Scottsdale, AZ home can complete your space and help bring decor and furnishing together. Get in touch with our Scottsdale area rug shop, Rug Treasures, for your needs regarding large area rugs. We offer Scottsdale area rug options that range in color, size, design and material.

Whether you are searching for a Scottsdale area rug for your family room, dining room or office space, we have exactly what you need. Our area rug experts can help you in selecting the right size of Scottsdale area rug in order to complete your space to perfection.

We offer:

  • Outdoor area rug options
  • Contemporary area rug options
  • Southwestern area rug options
  • Traditional area rug options
  • Modern area rug options

Call Rug Treasures for your needs regarding finding the perfect Scottsdale area rug.

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Scottsdale Large Area Rugs


Scottsdale large area rugs provide the warmth on your feet from cold tile, support as you walk on a hard surface and they protect the wear and tear that floors endure. When you are searching for the best selection of Scottsdale large area rugs, give us a call or visit. We are proud to offer our customers with one of the largest selections of Scottsdale large area rugs in the region at the lowest price possible. We work to make sure that your shopping process for a large area rug is simple, professional and quick.

We can help you with your search for Scottsdale large area rugs based on finding the best size that is appropriate for the furniture configuration and not just the room size.

Give us a visit when you are searching for:

  • Transitional large area rugs
  • Round large area rugs
  • Solid color large area rugs
  • Persian large area rugs

For your questions and needs regarding Scottsdale large area rugs, call Rug Treasures today.

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Scottsdale Large Area Rug


Bring style and sophistication to your home with a Scottsdale large area rug. A Scottsdale large area rug can add the feeling of softness and warmth while it helps pull a group of furniture together. We have the Scottsdale large area rug that you are looking for as we have several options for even the pickiest shopper.

The size of a Scottsdale large area rug can dramatically alter the overall effect of your room. It is important to seek the help of professionals like us when deciding on the size of a Scottsdale large area rug. An area rug that is too small can actually make a room feel smaller. Finding the right-sized Scottsdale area rug will bring the balance and warmth that your room needs to have that finishing touch of perfection.

Our trained Scottsdale large area rug experts can assist you with the following recommendations:

  • Size of large area rug
  • Color of large area rug
  • Shape of large area rug
  • Material of large area rug

Call Rug Treasures to find out what type of Scottsdale large area rug would be best to complete your space.

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